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A nice snout and super soft plush? Progimpex specializes in creating attractive plush mascots and merchandise for kids, retail and promotion. We are very proud of our high-quality, sustainable products. The nicest plush faces in the softest materials. Whether these are standard, OEKO TEX or even in rPet, our production lines are eager to also realize your plush soft toy. We are happy to supply additional merchandise such as beach towels, PVC 3D key chains, socks, shirts or bags in the same OEKO TEX materials. Progimpex, that is one great address where you as a customer are central!

Plush Stuffed Toys Professional manufacturer

We have been producing plush toys in Asia and Europe for 20 years

Kids Merchandise, Textile, Gadgets

Progimpex that is more than Gifts & Gadgets. These are hip, trendy and attractive promotional items in top quality for an attractive price.

Mascot Suit Made

Amusement park Quality with many details and ultimate wearing comfort. Fast delivery time, quickly deployable.


Step-by-step the most beautiful hugs and merchandise

We are happy to listen to your idea and it Plush Stuffed Toy Project easier to understand. The world in which the cuddly toys end up determines the appearance and the final result.
The number, dimensions and of course the project date are also important information at this stage.

We combine this wisdom with our 20 years of experience in Plush Toys and Kids Merchandise productions and development. We can give you exactly the right advice to start producing your cuddly toys. We also give initial packaging ideas as well as an initial idea about the possibilities of the cuddly toys. We think of all possible details to achieve the greatest return on investment from your project.

Design & Prototype
We find prototypes a great fun factor in the process. The hug comes to life and always brings a happy moment. The conversion from 2D to 3D is an art and that first photo of the hug always gives our customers a satisfied feeling.
We can produce prototypes in 3 days (up to 7 days) thanks to our in-house designers. We have an office in Brussels & Shanghai so that we can guarantee a smooth interaction. Usually the ideas and adjustments go back and forth smoothly and the prototype can be flown in and delivered in the short term.

Interaction between you and our team is important.
Progimpex, Emilie
Emilie Vandamme
Project manager

Have plush cuddly toys made - the cuddly toy producer


A small selection from our large creative range


Meet 20 years of experience
Progimpex, Sabrina Maes, CEO

Sabrina Maes


Driven, Creative, Hands-On

Emilie Vandamme

Emilie Vandamme

Marketing Specialist

Back office 1000 leg
Accounting, Marketing, Communication, Design


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New website

New website LIFE! During the first corona wave, our hosting partner - with whom we have been working for 20 years - could no longer pay for the maintenance of the servers. A vicious cycle of their customers / companies Read more...

Mascot Suit Tennis

Progimpex is a producer of professional 3D mascot suits. In barely 30 days from order to delivery, your organization, company or event can be strengthened with your mascot suit / figure. We only produce 3D heads with Read more...

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