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Do You Have an Idea, But No Vision Yet?

  • Celebrating a milestone of 25 years, Progimpex has honed its expertise in creating custom merchandise that resonates with brands and audiences alike.
  • Our journey has been marked by continuous innovation, dedication to quality, and an unwavering commitment to bringing our clients’ visions to life.

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Expanding Beyond Plush Toys:

  • Progimpex offers a comprehensive range of services for custom merchandise, including initial concept development, design, production, and final delivery.
  • Our team works closely with clients to understand their unique requirements, ensuring each product is an accurate representation of the brand’s identity.

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Progimpex, Plush Toys and Custom Merchandise
  1. The design process at Progimpex is a fine blend of creativity, technical proficiency, and market insight.
  2. We ensure that every merchandise is aesthetically pleasing, functional, durable, and aligned with the latest market trends.
  3. Our team’s dedication to excellence is evident in every step, from sketch to shelf, making Progimpex a trusted partner for all your custom merchandise needs.

About us

What we are doing

Progimpex, Known For The Quality, Plush Toys & Merchandise, Dragon Cannes
Progimpex, Known For The Quality, Plush Toys & Merchandise, Carrefour

About us

What we are doing

At Progimpex, we are dedicated to enriching the lives of children globally by providing them with joyful and educational experiences. We commit to creating high-quality, custom plush toys and merchandise that spark children’s imagination and joy and contribute to their learning and growth. We strive to positively impact children’s lives, transforming their present and shaping a brighter future for all. Every product we craft is a testament to our dedication to quality, creativity, and the profound joy of childhood.


Celebrating 25 Years


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Progimpex, Known For The Quality, Plush Toys & Merchandise, EG Plush Clips

Success Story: The Smiling Desk Companions

When Progimpex introduced its new line of clip-on plush toys, the goal was simple: to bring joy and personality to workspaces everywhere. Little did we know, these charming little companions would become an instant success, transforming desks and screens into happiness hubs.

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